All About Big Kahuna Pools of New Bern

Big Kahuna Pools, Spas and More, Inc. (Pools Plus) is Eastern North Carolina's largest pool and spa Retail Store which incorporates Construction and Service Departments in house.  We strive to supply our consumers with high quality products at affordable prices, while continuing to set ourselves apart from our competition.  We build and service residential and commercial pools and spas.

Big Kahuna Pools, Spas and More, Inc. owners Chris and Janine Varholick are from Cleveland, Ohio and have a strong background in retail sales and management, construction and automotive repair and sales.  The name Big Kahuna Pools, Spas and More, Inc. and the logo were initiated by their son's Justin and Jaret in 2007.

Throughout the 80's and 90's, Jack Tribuca owned several New Bern Pool locations around Eastern North Carolina.

In 1997, Mike Haggerman purchased one of the aforementioned locations and aquired its employees.

In 1998, the Construction Manager of New Bern Pools, David Gould, terminated his affiliation with the company and opened Pools Plus along with his wife Donna.  Pools Plus eventually acquired the last location of New Bern Pool.

In 2007, Chris and Janine purchased both locations of Pools Plus as is.  In 2008, the decision was made to close the satellite location.  This decision provided Chris and Janine the opportunity to closely monitor operations which in turn has produced many benefits to the company and its customers.

Through hard work and determination Chris and Janine have taken Big Kahuna Pools, Spas and More, Inc. (Pools Plus) to a whole new level of professionalism.  The company continues to grow and is continuously making changes to accept the growth of business.

We take pride in the ability to offer our customers more services and more choices. We will continue to strive towards being the best Retail and Construction Company in Eastern North Carolina.