What Is the Right Pool For You?

We build all three types of In-ground Pools: Vinyl linerFiberglass CompositeConcrete/ Gunite.  Each pool has their advantages and disadvantages. The best pool for you depends on your budget, location and wants. We have many basic pools to a complete custom designed pool just for you.

Vinyl Liner Pools are the least expensive type of inground pool. You can usually get more bang for your buck with a vinyl liner pool. Vinyl Liner Pools come in all shapes and sizes. You can add slides, diving boards, real tile at the waterline, benches, tanning ledges, waterfalls, umbrella stands, tables....the list goes on and on. The biggest downfall to a vinyl liner pool is....the liner will need to be replaced in 7-10 years depending on how well you keep your water chemistry balanced. The up side is you get a new pool every 7-10 years. 

Fiberglass Pools are the next type of pool. Fiberglass pools are a great way to go if you have ground water issues or if you are not to keen on the idea of replacing a liner in a pool. Some of the fiberglass pools that are being built today have benches and tanning ledges in them as well as steps in both the shallow end and the deep end of the pool. There are even some fiberglass pools that are considered diving pools. The biggest downfall to fiberglass pools is you are limited to the shapes, styles and sizes that the Manufacturer offers. Some fiberglass manufacturers charge you for an upgrade in color. Meaning if you want anything other than white or light blue is may cost you extra.

Concrete Pools are the most expensive and labor intensive pools on the market. Each pool is hand crafted. Steps include: forming the walls and floor, plumbing (this may include an in-floor cleaning system), shooting the pool with concrete, pouring a decking around the pool, installing water line tile, sealing the shell and applying the plaster. Depending on the plaster you choose and the water chemistry of your pool, you may not have to re-plaster your pool for 15-20 years. We do not recommend painting a pool as the paint usually only lasts up to 3 years. The biggest downfall to a concrete pool - Cost.

Big Kahuna Pools, Spas and More, Inc. can handle the complete job including the following: fencing, pavers, coping, stamped and decorative concrete, retaining walls, water features, rock water falls, fire pits, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, spas, swim jets, sliding boards, and even a lazy river if you like.