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Vacation in your own Backyard Everday

Posted by Chris Varholick on Sat, Apr 4, 2020 06:59 PM

Most people spend months planning their annual vacation. Usually this vacation will only last a week or less. A better way to enjoy your time off would be to vacation everyday in your own backyard. Enjoying a vacation in your own backyard is a lot easier than one may think. In the initial planning stages there are three elements to consider



FOOD- Incorporating food can be as easy as an Outdoor Grill or a complete Outdoor Kitchen




FIRE- Incorporating fire can be accomplished in quite a few ways, such as Fire Pits, Fire Places, Fire Features, Fire Bowls, Torches, etc.


WATER- Water is usually the most common way to make your backyard a Vacation Destination. The best way to incorporate water in your backyard is to add a Swimming Pool. When seeking out a Vacation Destination one of the most sought out features is a Swimming Pool. This is a great way to enjoy exercise and entertainment. Great memories are made with your very own swimming pool!


The easiest way to enjoy water year round in your backyard is to add a Hot Tub or a Swim Spa

There are a lot things to consider in the initial planning stages. It would be best to find a contractor that has the proper education and experience incorporating all three design elements. There are numerous ways to come up with your Dream Design, the best way is with a 3D design program.

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