This Ever Changing Industry..............

The Swimming Pool and Spa Industry is changing on an everyday basis.  I "Chris Varholick" have only been in this industry for a few years, but I have seen many new and evolving ideas and requirements in a very short amount of time. It appears that this industry is not looked very highly upon by consumers, manufactures, government, and other trades.  There are quite a few institutions that are trying to change this perception of our industry. 

First of all you have the Government, they are mandating federal requirements for safety in our industry with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. This act basically was enacted to ensure that we prevent suction entrapment and entanglement in swimming pools and spas.  They have stated many ways to avoid these situations from happening by ensuring that the correct drain covers and flow rates are instituted on all pools and spas. They have also included barrier laws to keep small children from pools and spas without proper supervision.

Next we have APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals)  they were very instrumental with the government on the Virginia Graeme Baker Act.  They have also instituted APSP-15 this is the energy efficiency requirement for residential swimming pool filtration and heating
systems used for bathing and are operated by an owner.  This standard is intended to
cover certain aspects of the swimming pool filtration and heating system design,
equipment, installation, and operation for the purpose of consuming less energy while
maintaining water quality and temperature. This has recently been adopted by the International Building Codes Council.  You will be seeing this in State and National Building Codes in the next year or two.

We also have the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) they will be enforcing access for commercial pools and spas for people with disabilities. 

Last but not least we have a small number of organizations that fully believes in continuing education and standards that we must follow to ensure a quality product for our customers. unfortunately the majority of our industry believes that they already know everything and are not willing to change. These individuals also known as dinosaurs will either have to adapt or by attrition they will become extinct. unfortunately for most consumers it is hard to tell which are which.  This is why I fully believe in continuing education and licensing for all professionals in this industry. Before you hire anyone for the following:  Building, repairing, renovating, servicing or even to purchase your chemicals from. I would check to make sure that they are associated with at least one professional organization, have received on going training and education and most importantly are licensed.  While these items will not fully ensure that you are hiring a professional, it will most likely make your chances better.

Here is the following that we are associated with:

Continuing Education and Certificates:

  • CPO- Certified Pool Operator
  • Genesis 3 – Advanced Fluid Engineering
  • Empowerment Hour – Embrace The Gold
  • In Ground Vinyl Liners: Advanced Measuring Including Free Form Pools
  • Control Your Destiny w/Industry Marketing Secrets that Work
  • Selling Value not Price
  • Genesis 3-Pool Project Sales & Design, The Interview
  • Genesis 3 – Elements of Construction
  • Design & Build: Outdoor Kitchen Design & BBQ Counters with Scott Cohen
  • Gesesis 3-The Beauty of Glass Tile and Waterproofing Applications
  • 10.5 Steps to Create Today’s Winning Team
  • Designing Outdoor Rooms: An Exploration in the Creative use of Space
  • Builder Power Panel
  • Genesis 3- Intro to Basic Perspective Drawing
  • Genesis 3- Design Communication - Measured Perspective
  • Pool/Spa Builders- Be an Internet Marketing Superstar
  • Genesis 3- Renovation and Remodeling of Existing Pools and Spas
  • Aquron Key Applicator Program




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