It is time for the "Ultimate Pool"  With this pool it can be installed:  Above Ground, Semi-Inground, and In-ground? The Reasons Are Endless - Here is a short list:

Now available an affordable above or in-ground swimming pool called The Ultimate Above Ground Swimming Pool! Built by industry leader, Fox Pool, this above ground swimming pool is constructed of 14-guage, in ground quality steel for lasting durability and strength. The above ground swimming pool can be installed virtually anywhere. Unlike any other above ground pool, the Ultimate Swimming Pool, depending on your choice of installation may be installed above ground or submerged in ground. The finished look can be done with decking or paver stone.

The Ultimate Above Ground Swimming Pool has a wall height of 52" and is available in 18', 24', and 28' diameters as well as 15x24', 15x30' and 17x32' oval. For added insurance, Fox Pool provides a lifetime limited warranty on the pool walls!