Vinyl Liner Pool Myths

There is a lot of misleading information on the internet about In-ground vinyl liner swimming pools.  Most information that you will find online is overly exaggerated, we will address these accusations one by one:

Here are the facts about Vinyl Liner In-ground pools:

  • They are the best value for your dollar! A quality vinyl liner pool is usually a minimum of $10,000.00 less than a fiberglass or concrete pool.
  • The liners will need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. This cost is less expensive than re-plastering a concrete pool or refinishing a fiberglass pool.
  • The interiors are very friendly to your skin. They have great foot traction and feel great to your skin.
  • The designs and options are endless. They can be built to any size and any depth, with steps, benches and ledges in or out of the pool.
  • There are numerous choices for liners, usually at no additional costs. You can pick just about any color and many different faux tiles.
  • Vinyl liners can even include such features as real waterline tile and can even be built as an infinity pool.
  • There are many beautiful Vinyl liner pools built that many people think are fiberglass or concrete.