Your Swimming Pool Does Not Have to Cost You Hundreds of Dollars a Month to Operate

There are many ways to make your existing pool or your new pool Energy Efficient.  The easiest way to start saving money is to have an Energy Efficient Pump that is  properly sized to the pool.  Most pools that have been built over the years have had over sized and inefficient pumps installed.  These pumps can cost you hundreds of dollars to operate.  The proper way to size a pump for your pool is to determine how many gallons of water per minute it will take to turn-over your pool in a six hour period.  Next find the lowest horsepower pump that meets the previous requirement.  The most energy efficient pump will always be a Variable Speed Pump, these pumps allow you to adjust the speed of the pump.  With a Variable Speed Pump you can allow the pump to run 24 hours per day at a slower speed, this will keep the water always flowing and filtering. These pumps operate for pennies a day instead of dollars per day.  The next way to save money is to install a over sized cartridge filter.  These filters allow the water to flow the easiest of all filters thus allowing a smaller pump to keep your pool clean.

Lighting is another way that your pool can waste energy.  Standard Incandescent lighting wastes hundreds of dollars a year and always need to be replaced every one to two years.  LED lighting is your best option, these lights operate with very little electricity.  These lights are usually low voltage and the bulbs last a lot longer than standard incandescent lighting. 

The way you sanitize your pool can cost you quite a bit of money every year.  The newest and easist way to keep your pool clean is with a Salt Water Chlorine Genrator.  This system will turn Salt Water into Chlorine. 

Heating your pool can cost you thousands of dollars per year with the wrong heater.  The most energy efficient heater is the sun, you can heat your pool with a solar heater with no additional energy.  These systems even qualify for a state tax credit (see your tax consultant for more information).  The next best way is a heat pump.  These pumps will maintain the heat in your pool at a much lower cost than a gas or propane heater.  You should always cover your pool with at least a solar cover to keep in the heat at night.

If you are building a new pool you can incorporate all of the above plus the following:  Make sure that the circulation system is properly sized.  What this means is that your plumbing needs to operate as follows-  The water needs to travel less than 6 feet per second on the suction side and eight feet per second on the return side. Most pools even today are plumbed improperly, by not plumbing the pool proeprly you will need a larger pump and it will need to work harder to keep your pool clean. 

If you apply all of these items, your pool will be easy to take care of and will be very inexpensive to operate.

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