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Do Swimming Pools Add Value to Your Home in Eastern North Carolina?

Posted by Chris Varholick on Sat, Mar 10, 2012 04:06 PM

Many homeowners are concerned if a Swimming Pool will add to the value of their home.  If you ask the opinion of a Real Estate Professional they will always tell you that they do not add to the value, some will even tell you that they hurt the chances of selling your home quickly. When it is time to sell your Home, it will always be necessary to find the right buyer for your home,  whether or not you have a swimming pool.  In Eastern North Carolina the summers are very hot and having your own swimming pool helps you enjoy the summers.  We also have a lot of people retiring and relocating here from the North.  With the very hot temperatures of the Summer these people feel that it is necessary to have their own Swimming Pool.  We have many Realtors calling us to evaluate if a pool can be installed on a property that someone is looking to purchase. Most people that relocate to this area have dreamed of having their own In-ground Swimming Pool in their backyard.  

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We have also noticed a trend lately known as a Staycation.  This is due to the recent economy, high gas prices, the hassles of flying and the dangers of Foreign Countries.  Most people are looking to create a Backyard Oasis.  We have had an increase of customers that want to enjoy a vacation all year long right in their own backyard.  We are seeing more requests for the following: In-ground Swimming PoolsHot Tubs and Spas, and Outdoor Living Areas.  

Outdoor Living AreaPeople are looking to entertain more at home.  With this new trend, more and more Home Buyers are looking for a Home with these features or a Home that these items can be added to.  By incorporating these items to your home. You are actually adding the the usable square footage of living area that you can enjoy.  This is not just a trend in our area, it is going on all over the world.


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