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Infinity, Vanishing and Negative Edge Swimming Pools

Posted by Chris Varholick on Wed, Jan 18, 2012 01:27 AM

Infinity Swimming Pools also known as Negative Edge and Vanishing Edge pools are some of the most sought after Swimming Pools.  They are known for the illusion of the water flowing right off the edge of the pool.  They can look like the water is going into another body of water or right off the cliff of a mountain. describe the image

These pools can be built with any style of pool, such as Concrete/Gunite, Vinyl Liner, and Fiberglass.  Most people only know these pools being built with Concrete.San Juan Infinity resized 600

This is a pretty complex pool to build properly.  Most of these that are built are done incorrectly. 

The following needs to be addressed in order to build the pool correctly:

  • Bather Load-  how many people will be in the pool. This is one of the most important steps, if too many people are in the pool it can overflow the basin or surge tank.  You can waste thousands of gallons of water.

  • Rain- You will need to know how much rain you get on average.  If you get too much rain it will overflow the basin or surge tank wasting lots of chemically treated water.

  • Evaporation- You will need to compensate for water evaporation.  This means that you will need a buffer area for extra water to accumulate when it rains.  If not then you will be adding numerous gallons of water to your pool.

  • How much water will you need to go over the edge- Pump size and proper hydraulics will need to be calculated to ensure you get the effect that you desire.

These items are not things that can be guessed or taken from other pools built in then past.  Each and every pool will have different factors to be considered.  There have been many law suits on these pools usually due to the excessive amount of water loss. Most builders are never in these pools when they are filled with water.  These pools must be tested after they are built to make sure that they work properly and can contain the proper bather load.  If you decide to have one of these pools built, you should ask to see several examples of similar pools built by your builder.  When you look at these pools make sure that you talk to the homeowner to ensure that they are not experiencing any problems.  You should also ask for all the proper calculations and drawings.  Have your builder explain to you exactly how it will work to ensure that you will have no problems.  There are numerous classes available that teach the proper way to build these pools, you may want to ask for proof of classes taken to ensure that your pool will be designed and built properly.



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