Some of our current customers ask us if we are Pools Plus or Big Kahuna and the short answer is we are both. As of January 1st of 2011 we have officially started using the Big Kahuna name in everything we do. We have had quite a bit of positive feedback from our existing customers and have decided to “take the plunge” from Pools Plus to Big Kahuna. Everyone at Big Kahuna feels the name expresses more fun and is more memorable. Now you will be able to tell your friends your pool was built by “Big Kahuna”! We will always carry the Pools Plus name and will still offer the best customer service in Eastern North Carolina. Please be on the lookout as we have changed the sign on the front of our building. We also have a few more surprises up our sleeves in regards to our name change. We hope you will enjoy this change as much as we are!

Logo By: Justin and Jaret Varholick

Professionally Designed By: Rob Hanson Photography