Janine Varholick

I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and graduated from High School in 1986. After graduation I attended Community College and studied Nursing. I soon found out that Nursing was not the field for me. I decided that I needed a little time to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I soon got a job in a local appliance and electronic store and met the man I would fall in love with, my husband Chris. I did go back to the Community College and took many accounting classes although I did not graduate. Chris and I have been together since Feburary of 1988 and have weathered all the ups and downs that life tends to throw at you. Through all of the good and bad times that we have been through he has ALWAYS been able to make me laugh. We have two beautiful children together; Justin - 25 and Jaret - 17. Justin is currently at the University of Bern in Switzerland. He is in a three year PHD program studying animal welfare/animal behavior. I am one very proud Mom!! Justin has truly grown into a wonderful and caring man. Jaret is in the 12th grade at West Craven High School!! He loves to build and work with computers. He is our IT Dept. as well as our pool cleaner tech!! He has decided that he would like to be an Engineer in life, he has hopes of attending NC State next Fall. I have no doubt that he will succeed with anything he wants to do in life. On March 21, 2015 Jaret competed in Science Olympiad and his team is headed to the State Competition at NC State!! Way to go Jaret!! You may see him working in the store!!!

In 2005 Chris was in a very bad car accident and began pondering life. Eventually we decided that we would like to have our own business. Chris has an in-home sales and home improvement background while mine is mostly in retail and customer service. Having a business seemed like a natural progression. We could have stayed in Ohio and started a home improvement business but the economy was starting to take a nose dive. We talked about the pros and cons of staying in Ohio vs. moving out of state. To make a long story short we ended up here in New Bern proud new owners of Pools Plus. I can tell you that living here in North Carolina has been a wonderful experience for me! No more cold, gray snowy winters and no more winter blues. Yes, we work harder than we have ever worked before in our lives BUT we have a much better quality of life!! Everyone in New Bern has made us feel very welcomed and very much part of the community.

On our days off you can either find us out by the pool, on the beach or on the boat. I love being in the sun and consider myself a "beach girl". Living on the coast has been a dream come true. My boys (all three of them) come first in my life and I am beginning to contemplate what life will be like next year when Jaret goes off to college. It was very hard on me when Justin stayed in Ohio to finish High School and then he was off to college. I can only imagine what it will be like when Jaret leaves. Chris and I have always had one of the boys with us - I wonder what it will be like with just the two of us...

We continue to learn and grow by taking classes. We have both been to the National Pool, Patio and Spa Show in Las Vegas and have taken quite a few of the classes they offer including water chemistry class, salt sanitization class and Chris has taken more specialized classes with Genesis 3 (specialized classes for pool builders). We have also become CPO Certified. This was an intense 2 day class that was held in our store and I am happy to say everyone passed. We are also very proactive in all the different law changes as they pertain to swimming pools. Chris and I believe that we can always better ourselves through learning.